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Hi, I’m Susan. As a person who grew up working in a family business and later put myself through college, I see business ownership as the ultimate economic equalizer. Anyone can start a business, and if run properly, it can elevate the owners and the employees to a higher standard of living. This is why I’m so passionate about business; I see opportunity and potential for everyone involved in the business to win. And I love being a part of the process of making those wins happen!

Today I have the opportunity to put all of the tools from my toolbox into one program that is applicable to every business regardless of size, industry, or stage… The 5 Missing Pieces™.

At my core, I am a scrappy dreamer, an entrepreneurial optimist, and a business enthusiast.

Let’s do this!

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Susan M. Fessenden

Founder, Business Growth Jedi

Hi, I’m Orana. As an artist, designer and all-around creative, I bring innovative solutions to your small business strategy. I use the work you do with The 5 Missing Pieces™ framework to strategize your visual assets.

From visual branding to social media content creation and management, I will help you find the best visual way to tell your business story.

I’ve ran a myriad of different business ventures and my favorite has always been helping entrepreneurs with their design roadblocks.

Let’s launch your business visibility and elevate your brand!

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Orana Velarde

Design Warrior

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Happy Businessing is a live show with a reach of over 575,000 small business owners. Susan typically interviews a small business owner to tell their success story, share lessons learned, and small business advice. Want to be on the show? We’d love to have you!


Elevating business to its higher purpose.


We teach businesses how to build the strongest foundation to support fast and sustainable growth.

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Unleashing businesses with tools for sustainable growth.


Firing up people to play big.


Approaching everything without BS.


Developing conscientious businesses.

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