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Meet Our Team

Susan Fessenden is a  business management expert and fierce small business ally.

She loves growing purpose-driven SMALL businesses, family businesses, and nonprofits with BIG DREAMS. 

And, she just GETS IT...

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Susan (Suz) Fessenden

The Launch Commander™

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I’m Suz, your Launch Commander!  

As a person who grew up in a struggling family business and later put myself through college, I see business ownership as the ultimate socio-economic equalizer. Anyone can start a business, and if run properly, it can elevate everyone involved. This leads to stability, a higher standard of living, stimulating local economies, and contributing to stronger communities.  

I have put my 25 years of hands-on business management, turn-around,  and growth experience into one toolbox that can help every business regardless of size, stage, or industry… The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework.

At my core, I am a scrappy dreamer, a fierce ally, and a creative problem solver.

Stop swirling and stalling…  Let’s launch and skyrocket that biz!

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Orana Velarde

The Social Brand Booster

I’m Orana, your Social Brand Booster

As an artist, designer and all-around creative, I elevate the impact of your brand.  

From social media strategy and management to blog posts, newsletters, landing pages that convert, I help you find the best way to tell your business story.

I love helping entrepreneurs overcome their design and messaging roadblocks. 

Let’s elevate and boost your brand with dynamic, authentic, and engaging content. 

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Tanja Bach

The Launch Coach

Tanja is a Tokyo-based trilingual ICF certified coach and facilitator with a passion for creating organizations for the future through coaching and team transformation journeys. Raised in Europe and with a University education from the US, Tanja has been calling Tokyo, Japan, home for over 20 years.

She has worked across the globe, and across industries, both face to face and virtually.

A firm believer that change begins at the end of your comfort zone, Tanja is always willing to give a ‘push’ or a challenge—often with a joke and a smile. She inspires her clients to mobilize their minds and a sense of purpose to move forward.

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Eric Embacher

Brand And Web Propulsion Engineer™

Eric is a Digital Marketer and owner of An Infinite Number of Monkeys, a “virtual marketing agency”. They offer a range of services typically found at a large agency but at the prices of a premium freelancer not a (they don’t have the typical costly agency overhead).

The Monkeys are brand architects that help innovative companies effectively communicate their value. Their passion for simplifying complex stories results in brands that make an impact, and generate revenue.

They also build great websites!


Elevating business to its higher purpose.


We teach businesses how to build the strongest foundation to support fast and sustainable growth.

Core Values


Unleashing businesses with tools for sustainable growth.


Firing up people to play big.


Approaching everything without BS.


Developing conscientious businesses.

Fierce ally, co-conspirator, and committed supporter of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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