Do you want to help small businesses get their footing with the help of an expert who is trustworthy, experienced, and has documented results?

You can feel good that every time you refer to ProfitLogics that you are referring to a reputable, values-driven service provider!

ProfitLogics uses the 5 Business Questions™ as a framework for helping business owners build a strong foundation for their business.

We help people start a business, grow a business, or develop an easy business plan through a guided advisory process during our Multi-Month Flat Rate packages. We also offer expert small business advice in hourly packages, as well as eCourses and eWorkbooks to help them at various stages of their business.

We offer a generous Affiliate Partner program because when we win, we want our partners to win! It’s that simple!

We track your sales for 60 days after referral and we pay on the 15th of the month following 30 days of the sale.

(Example: Sales between January 1st and January 31st are reconciled and reviewed in February, payments to Affiliates are processed on March 15th.)

We offer commission on sales of $75 or more on the following products net of discounts:

  • 30% on eCourses
  • 15% on Hourly Advising / Consulting Purchases
  • 10% on Multi-Month Flat Fee Engagements

(Example: $79 eCourse + 1 Hour Advisory/Consulting would net $46.20 without any discounts applied.)

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