Are you ready for something that's going to blow your mind and send your business skyrocketing?  Introducing the Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™, the fool-proof solution to identify the most common — and easy to miss — mind traps related to you and your business. Best of all, it's also a step-by-step solution to deciding on the appropriate action to fix it. It's like having a coach in your pocket when you need it.

Do you want to hear more? Let's go.

Sometimes you Need a Quick Way to Evaluate Mind Traps

How many times have you seen posts on social media saying that if you don't change your mindset, you won't be successful? That if you don't clear your limiting beliefs, you'll never get to where you want to be? Both those statements are, in essence, true. But the way it works isn't exactly black and white. You can't just say, "I will be successful" and expect it to happen. You have to put the work in.

The thing about mindset though is that before you can do the work you need to identify what the obstacles in your way really are. Knowing what you're dealing with isn't that easy off the bat.

After talking to numerous business owners and taking them through The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework, we started noticing some mind trap trends. In some cases, the trap was a mindset issue, in others, it was a tangible obstacle that just needed resolving. But in the majority of cases, it wasn't clear at first sight. It needed a bit of digging.

We noticed that after asking specific questions about each mind trap, we could classify them into the two main categories;

That's when we created The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ and found that it was a great and simple way to both discover and clear mind traps.

The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™

Before we continue and explain in detail every layer of the Hack, let's get clear on what The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ ISN'T.

The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ is not a replacement for a one-on-one business coach or therapist. It's also not what's going to solve your mind traps.

Moving on to what The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ IS.

The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ is a resource that can be used alongside one-on-one business coaching, 0r during group masterminds. It's a quick and efficient way to evaluate mind traps by identifying them and then deciding on the action to resolve them. In many cases, you will need help to clear the mind traps, but without the hack, you wouldn't know what the mind traps are in the first place!

For example, we use the Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ when working with clients that aren't sure what it is that's holding them back in their business. Then we help them overcome the mind traps with goal setting and accountability. If a mind trap is bigger than we can help solve, like a mental illness issue that they have no control over, then we suggest they talk to a therapist or psychologist as well.

The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ Explained

Ok, time to get to the nitty-gritty!

As we mentioned above, the basis of the Hack is identifying mind traps and limiting beliefs. These are typically rooted in falsehoods, scarcity, fear or a lack of knowledge. What the Mind Trap Hack does is ask questions that will make you think about pretty much anything in your business, from small things to the big picture.

We created The Hack in an easy-to-remember system because it's just more fun that way. Here goes.

How to Use The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ For Your Business

We originally created The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ to be used on every step of The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework. Generally, we use the Hack during the one-on-one work we do with clients to help them through the missing pieces in their business. We also use the Hack during group masterminds.

We're building a special resource with The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™. It's a personal, reusable survey that will help you identity mind traps for the most common business questions. Our designers are working on it! Click HERE to get first access when it's ready. 

If you can't wait until then, get in touch with us, and we can talk about using The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ together.

After going through the questions to identify the traps, you'll receive suggestions to help you decide the best action moving forward. 

In 2020 we worked with Arnold CR and Intended Impact. It was such a great experience that we wanted to share it with you.

So, on a special edition of Happy Businessing, we invited Dr. Dodie Arnold to tell us (and you) about her projects and the work we did together. The show was great, you can watch it at the end of this post.

Here's a little backstory. I met Dr. Arnold online but was lucky enough to meet her in person when she visited Tokyo with her beautiful son. When she got back to the states we started working together.

The first order of things was to work our way through The 5 Missing Pieces™ framework. We did the work for Dr. Arnold's NPO; Arnold CR and while in the midst of it we realized that it was the right time to also build a for-profit to the mix. Like we say in the video, building a business that's always alive depends on being flexible and knowing when it's time to pivot.

We did a lot of pivoting! But we made it through and now Arnold CR is growing thanks to Dr. Arnold's hard work. Our social media manager also helps get the message out by managing her social networks and creating visual content.

What is Arnold CR all about? Well, nothing can explain it better than the mission and purpose statement:

Arnold CR is a nonprofit consulting and research organization dedicated to environmental stewardship, outdoor inclusion, and building wellness and capacity within systematically oppressed communities and organizations that serve them.

We're a purpose-driven virtual organization with global experience. Our staff is location-independent, meaning we work from anywhere in the world. We seek partnerships and create opportunities aligned with our values, attitudes and beliefs.

We worked on that during the first step of The 5 Missing Pieces!

Now it's time you watch the video below. Enjoy. 😊

And if you want to work your business purpose, we have something that will help. The Purpose beyond Profit Workbook.

1. A Cohesive Social Media Strategy Will Elevate Your Brand With A Strong Online Presence

The number 1 reason to invest in a social media strategy for your small business, is to elevate your brand.

Purpose-driven brand elevation is all about taking your small business to the next level and sharing it with the world, particularly your target audience. When you share relevant content on social media, your brand starts to spread its influence in the online space. Making it easier for potential customers to find you.

To Elevate your brand, you need a strong online presence, and social media can help you do that in a big way. The posts you share on social channels carry the message of your value proposition, brand values and company culture. There's no better outlet to make your brand shine.

Even if your clientele is potentially only in your geographical area, they will want to find out about your business online. If your customers are all over the country or all over the world, then that’s an even more important reason to have an online presence.

With a cohesive social media presence curated for you by ProfitLogics, your brand messaging is organized into themes and topics. All the shared content fits into these categories, specially created to elevate your brand and get you more leads.

elevate your brand with a social media strategy

2. A Directed Social Media Strategy Helps Define Your Target Audience

Social media helps you both find and communicate with your target audience. The trick is to know on what platform they spend most of their time. In order to do that we have to do conduct some market research. There's no better way to do it than on social media.

Each social channel already has a demographic base related to it. Plenty of digital marketers have done the research. Tap into that knowledge to find out where you should be concentrating your efforts.

For example, is your ideal client spending their time in Facebook groups or on Pinterest? Or maybe they are active on Twitter, having conversations with other people that share the same interests. The only way to know where your target audience is is to try and reach them in the spaces they hang out in.

If you aren't sure where your target audience is, we can help you find them. Most often than not, every small business needs a combination of social channels to work with. A Facebook Page is almost as important as a website, but you might not need to use Pinterest. It all depends on what you offer and who needs what you sell.

3. A Personable Social Media Strategy Improves Customer Relations

You’d be surprised at just how many people send a Twitter DM before getting in touch with the support email of a company.

Being active on social media helps with customer relations in a number of ways. If a customer or follower needs to get in touch with you, the first thing they'll do is input the name of your company on Google Search. If you have a Facebook Page or Twitter account, it will show up. Your website will also show you but you can be sure that most will click on your social profiles first.

There are deeper connections between social media and your website when it comes to customer relations. For example:

Being reachable on social media is paramount to improve your clientele's satisfaction. That said when you receive a message on Facebook messenger or Twitter, or Linkedin, make sure to answer it ASAP!

4. An Engaged Social Media Strategy Creates Connections, Partnerships, and Collaborations

Being active on social media is not only about reaching your target audience. It’s also about creating connections with other businesses in your area, industry, or niche. By taking part in Facebook and Linkedin groups you meet people doing the same work you are, and eventually, they might need your help or you might need theirs.

In some cases, your clients might need something that you know another business owner can do, one that you met through social media. When you recommend your peers, they will also recommend you.

Social Media is also the place where you can go LIVE. By yourself, with other business owners or even with clients. When you go live, you are putting yourself out there for people to engage with you in a natural and easy way. It's the closest thing to a one-on-one conversation.

5 ways a social media strategy will elevate your brand - small business owner standing in front of counter

5. A Targeted Social Media Strategy Brings Traffic Back to Your Website.

Last but not least, social media is a great source of potential traffic to your website.

Every single time you post on your social channels is an opportunity to bring traffic to your blog posts, landing pages, product pages or category pages. When you follow the themes and messaging of your social media strategy, you can post about anything that has to do with your site and direct people there.

Check your analytics to see where on social media the traffic is coming from. This way you'll know where to direct your efforts and what type of posts your audience is reacting best to.

ProfitLogics Will Elevate Your Brand With A Personalized Social Media Strategy

Before ProfitLogics had a social media strategy, the posts were a bit of a shot in the dark. The branding was clear because we had done all the work with The 5 Missing Pieces™. We had a simple theme strategy and posting calendar but there was something missing.

Susan was creating the posts on Canva and was having trouble making them look right. She's a business maven, not a designer after all! And somewhere along the way she met me, Orana. We met through a completely unrelated issue; I asked on a FB group about Tokyo if tattoos were a big hassle or not. That's when we first connected.

I saw her build ProfitLogics from Tokyo while I was in Sri Lanka and then while I was in Thailand it kept on growing. Then when I was in Turkey we started working together. Eventually, I took over her social media and now we're partners!

That means that now, ProfitLogics not only offers the best business planning strategies with The 5 Missing Pieces™ we also offer social media and design packages. The discovery we do while working with The 5 Missing Pieces™ is invaluable for a social media strategy. Both work together in a way that will only make your business grow.

We also offer social media strategies if you already have your own branding or business plan though 😉

Click on the image below to find out how you can get started! Or get in touch with us to find out exactly what you need!

social media strategy for small businesses

I grew up in a family business doing hard, physical labor from a young age. We worked our asses off and never had anything to show for it. It was always feast or famine as we navigated the seasonal work and mom was always under insane amounts of stress balancing the checkbooks and trying to figure out how we’d stay afloat.

We were constantly in survival mode just winging it.

No plan.

No money for advisors or coaches. No insurance to fall back on. It was just sheer will and tenacity and 16 hour days in the hot sun and the hope that the next gig was on the way.

I wonder how things would’ve been different if my parents had built even a minimal plan for the business.

How different things would have been if we had taken a little time to identify key differentiators or opportunities? Or if we had a process for managing opportunities with accountability and scheduled follow-ups.

Even little things like ensuring that the tools and equipment we needed were prepped and ready for each job.

What are Business Start-up Insurance policies?

We’re all pretty industrious, tenacious people aren’t we – business owners? We have a certain amount of self-confidence and the ability to get shit done to start and grow a business.

Tenacity and grit are ground into us as we make our first few sprints in our new businesses. But tenacity and grit alone are not going to bring your business to success or ensure survival.

What if I told you there was a Start-up Business Insurance Policy you could buy to fall back on?

Imagine an insurance policy you can invest in right now that will help cover your business from all of the risks you are taking in the event of poor decision making, a cash-flow crunch, a pivot gone wrong or blind spots from winging it? Insurance to protect against bad hires and low accountability cultures would be amazing, right?

You already invest in business insurance to protect against theft, errors & omissions, employment practices, and more. A Start-up Business Insurance Policy would help insulate new businesses from being another statistic like the 80% of businesses that fail within 5 years.

I know what you’re thinking… Insurance policies like that don't exist.

But hear me out: Putting together a living business plan, even a mini-plan is much like having insurance!

What is a Living Business Plan?

Look, I've been a clean-up crew for businesses who were on the verge of failure countless times and I kept seeing the same patterns that are preventable in your business. It was gut-wrenching to see small businesses failing needlessly. And the work that had to be done to get the business back into shape was daunting, long, emotional, and EXPENSIVE.

This is why I developed The 5 Missing Pieces™ and why I’m so passionate about helping small businesses build a strong foundation for growth EARLY in their business journey.

I believe that Small Business Ownership is the most powerful socio-economic equalizer because ANYONE with a passion, purpose, and willingness to work through the 5 Missing Pieces™ can create a fulfilling business that makes a real impact on the world AND elevates the financial situation of owners and the entire team.

But, let’s be real.

Traditional business plans are not useful to most early-stage small businesses and they are extremely laborious and then sit on a shelf and collect dust. Or, businesses wait until they need funding and then rush through the process of throwing one together and then it's useless for any real business road mapping.

Launch Your New Business, Boost Your Existing Business or Skyrocket Your Growth!

We have 3 packages all built around the 5 Missing Pieces™ framework. Each is designed to maximize your profits through one-on-one meetings, hands-on consultation and advice, e-courses and structured planning and measurement tools. We can help you either reach profitability or double your profit within 4 months, or grow your business even further with a dedicated leadership coach (CFO, COO, HR, etc.) helping you every month.

Check out all The Growth Packages to Compare and Choose the one you need.

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