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Biz Rocket™ is a non-profit organization focused on funding the gap to make services that are critical to business growth more accessible. Awaiting 501c3 approval!  #fundthegap

Empowering small businesses to create financial stability and capacity to contribute to their communities. We are just getting started… stay tuned!

We believe that business ownership is the ultimate socio-economic equalizer, but 80% of new businesses fail.

We provide critical support services to small businesses in marginalized, minority, and low income communities so they can succeed.


Core Values


Meet the Team

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Susan (Suz) Fessenden

The Launch Commander™

Biz Rocket NPO 3

I’m Suz, your Launch Commander!  

As a person who grew up in a struggling family business and later put myself through college, I see business ownership as the ultimate socio-economic equalizer. Anyone can start a business, and if run properly, it can elevate everyone involved. This leads to stability, a higher standard of living, stimulating local economies, and contributing to stronger communities.  

I have put my 25 years of hands-on business management, turn-around,  and growth experience into one toolbox that can help every business regardless of size, stage, or industry… The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework.

At my core, I am a scrappy dreamer, a fierce ally, and a creative problem solver.

Stop swirling and stalling…  Let’s launch and skyrocket that biz!

Dr. Dodie Arnold


Andrea MacDonald, CPA


Nina Ross


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