Focused philanthropy enabling small business growth.

Bizanthropy™ is a non-profit organization focused on funding the gap to make services that are critical to business growth more accessible.

Awaiting 501c3 approval! #fundthegap

Empowering small businesses to create financial stability and capacity to contribute to their communities. We are just getting started… stay tuned!

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We believe that business ownership is the ultimate socio-economic equalizer, but 80% of new businesses fail.

We provide grants to small businesses enabling them to get the critical services needed for their businesses to grow!

How Does It Work?

Bizanthropy will be “funding the gap” between what small businesses and nonprofits can afford to pay, and the amount vetted service providing vendors are willing to accept. This is to ensure that services critical to business growth and stability are accessible.

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We help marginalized small businesses gain access to services critical to their survival and growth.

Core Values


We acknowledge that marginalized people have different circumstances and that we must make resources and opportunities accessible to ensure they reach an equal outcome.


We believe in building a strategic cooperative between small business owners and professional service vendors, not hand-outs… as both parties have skin in the game and contribute what they are able for the services rendered.


We ensure that professional services are provided as committed by qualified, vetted vendors. We share status updates on beneficiary progress with our donors and supporters.


Impact ripple effect is magnified due to partnership between vendor small businesses and client small businesses both winning.


10,000+ small businesses that would’ve been a statistic of failure have the tools and services they need to survive, grow, and have a ripple impact on their communities and the economy.

Meet the Team

Susan (Suz) Fessenden

The Launch Commander™

I’m Susan Fessenden and I’m ready to help!

I’ve been helping small businesses for 25 years and starting Bizanthropy has been a life long dream. I’m ready to make a larger impact on our economy and communities through small business stability and growth!

Let’s rally behind these struggling small businesses and create an ecosystem where services critical to their survival and growth are more accessible!

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Dr. Dodie Arnold


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