I'm sick and tired of being "Fix It Susie!"

I’m sick of it! But, you know what I’m sick and tired of? Everyone keeps telling me to focus on the pain points I will solve for clients, as my key value proposition. The marketing coaches and experts all tell…
Oct 25, 2021

How to Use The Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™ to Improve Your Business Mindset

Are you ready for something that's going to blow your mind and send your business skyrocketing?  Introducing the Ultimate Mind Trap Hack™, the fool-proof solution to identify the most common — and easy to miss — mind traps related to…
Jun 08, 2021

Purpose-driven client spotlight! ArnoldCR.org & Intended Impact: Dr. Dodie Arnold

In 2020 we worked with Arnold CR and Intended Impact. It was such a great experience that we wanted to share it with you. So, on a special edition of Happy Businessing, we invited Dr. Dodie Arnold to tell us…
Mar 05, 2021

Why everyone should be investing in Business Start-up Insurance policies!

I grew up in a family business doing hard, physical labor from a young age. We worked our asses off and never had anything to show for it. It was always feast or famine as we navigated the seasonal work…
Sep 20, 2020

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