Leverage our 2 Facebook Groups – Small Business Advice & Promotion

Our first Facebook group, BRAIN (Business Resource, Advice, & Inspiration Network) has been focused on sharing small business advice since January of 2020. We also acquired an existing public group to offer our members a place to advertise and promote their business for free. 

Let’s talk about our 2 groups and explain how they’re different:

Happy Businessing – Small Business Big DreamsLeverage our 2 Facebook Groups - Small Business Advice & Promotion 2 is a private group just for you where you can network with other members and get small business advice and direction for your business growth journey. I’ve been amazed at the relationships that are forming and have enjoyed networking with everyone! We have occasional events where we help me each build our followers and subscribers for Facebook Pages, Instagrams, and YouTube Channels and invite every new member to personally introduce themselves and their business with links, offers, and all!

Our advertising & promotion group Advertise & Promote Free (English, B2B only) by Happy Businessing and promote your business offerings once per day. 

By joining BOTH groups, we’ve got you covered! One group for small business advice, support, and networking, and one group for free advertising & promotion!

And, as a member of these groups you will get discounts on ProfitLogics services & tools, and benefit from other opportunities to help grow your business!

Why not head over to the Happy Businessing Group now and share how we can better support you, or join our new larger group and introduce your business?

I look forward to building a relationship with you in both groups and helping you a grow a business or start a business with the support of a real community that cares!  

Facebook Groups have become invaluable tools for those want to start a business or grow a business. The reach and power of these groups to bring like minded people together and help you build your business tribe is incredible.  If you haven’t yet started your own Facebook Group, what’s stopping you? It’s so easy and FREE. There are also lots of resources out there that will teach you best practices for building a FB group community that really supports the growth of your business.  For instance, in Women’s Entrepreneur Network (no, you don’t have to identify as a woman to join) has occasional workshops on Building Your Tribe that is all about how to build and monetize a FB Group.  

Also, look for other Facebook Groups that you can join that will support your business. I have found Small Business Owners United to be one of the best small business advice resources out there. They have about 80,000 members and as a volunteer moderator, I can attest to the quality of the Subject Matter Experts they have helping people out! 

Also, don’t forget to search for groups that allow free advertising and promotion. While the engagement in these groups is often questionable, it is yet another free resource available to you in marketing your business. You can easily make a list of the group that allow promotion and each day pop a post out there asking members questions to build engagement and rapport, and share your offerings and promotions.  These free advertising and promotion groups on Facebooks do often struggle with spams and scams, but cautious and alert, and always try to help these communities minimize this by reporting these occurrences to the admins.

So, get out there and maximize Facebook groups to help grow a business or get free small business advice. It’s definitely worth your time. And don’t forget to join my groups today!  

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1 thought on “Leverage our 2 Facebook Groups – Small Business Advice & Promotion”

  1. Susan Fessenden
    Susan Fessenden

    Thanks for reading my article! I hope it opens your mind about utilizing Facebook in more ways to grow your business and network! Catch you soon! Happy Businessing! Suz

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