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 ProductLevel Ongoing Biz Growth Support & AdvisoryProfit LaunchPlanTM & AdvisingLaunch!Profit LaunchPlanTM + Advanced StrategyBoost!Ongoing Strategy & AdviceSkyrocket! Rocket Fuel
Intended for:New biz owner / startupNew biz owner / startupStartup / establishedEstablishedAdd-on services for all
Goal:Launch to profitLaunch to profitDouble your businessProfit producing machine - biz ops and mgmt. supportScale up with a in-sourced team
Price:$200/month + $250 up front$4,800.00$6,500.004 options starting at $18,000 ($4,500 + $1,125 monthly)Depends on services
The Purpose Beyond Profit™

The Purpose Beyond Profit™ is like your Mission Statement on steroids! It's the Purpose Statement that shares your Big Why and reflects the ripple effect impact your small business has on the world.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement shares what you do, who is impacted, and how you do it. You can also include these concepts in your Purpose Statement (Purpose Beyond Profit™) instead.

Core Values for Growth™

Lots of companies have Core Values they tout… We're talking about REAL Core Values for Growth™ that everyone in the organization lives and breathes each day. Authentic, powerful, and meaningful, your Core Values act as your internal compass for making decisions.

Target Market Definition

Know your customer. If you don't know who you're selling to, you're not going to be able to sell. And if you don't understand the Target Market and how to find and attract them, you're not going to be able to grow your business.

SWOT Analysis

Know yourself. Evaluating your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats… ripped straight from Business 101 and it's a cornerstone of business planning for a reason! And don't stop at identifying them… develop your plan for mitigating the risks and leveraging those strengths and opportunities!

Competition Matrix

Know your competition. Doing an analysis of the other players in your market and where they are strong, how they differentiate themselves, and how they are different from you is a powerful exercise that will give you the edge!

Professional Branding Package

Let others know and recognize you. Branding is more than DIY logos and fonts. Branding is about having a visual look and feel that represents your whole Identity - true branding is about consistent, gorgeous, memorable, visual messaging from logo, to taglines, hashtags, social channels, and site.

Key Offer Formulation

Many small businesses struggle to create that one irresistable offer that is the bread and butter of the business. We help you develop this in alignment with your Purpose and Vision.

Additional Offerings Formulation

Some businesses try to be everything to everyone while others are too niched. We help business owners develop complementary offerings that support the business while staying true to their brand, purpose, and market.

Passive Income Streams Identified

They don't start out as passive, but with a little bit of work strategically early on, developing passive income streams really pays off. We help business owners strategize leveraging eCourses, YouTube or TikTok, Membership offerings, or downloadable materials.

Emerging Product Lines Strategy

Forward-looking strategic planning means keeping in sight the next phases of the business and planning for new offerings, disruptors, and innovations to your existing product line.

Collaborations & Partnerships

A small business is not an island. Identifying and leveraging key collaborators and partnerships in the early business planning stage is a must.

IP Protection Planning

Will you at certain phases be ready to trademark, copyright, or patent your IP? Let's plan which concepts, products, or services would benefit from protections and identify when to do so.

Trademarks, Copyright, Patents

We can connect you with our world class IP Attorneys and facilitate your process with them every step of the way. They are so ethical that they don't even give ProfitLogics® commission on our referrals… we just refer them because they are the best!

Future Phase Offers Planning

Being prepared to bring on new offerings and products helps ensure quality, appropriate cashflow and investment is available for that next phase.

End Game Formulation

Most small businesses didn't start with an end game in mind… let's get it clarified so we can build the plan right to get you where you want to go.

Personal Hopes, Needs, Dreams

Traditional business plans don't ask you about your dreams or personal lifestyle needs and wants. That's silly. We can help you build the business of your dreams where your goals are met and you are happy.

10-Year Milestones

What does your business look like 10 years into the future? If you don't know, let's get to work on your Vision and get this clarfied!

5-Year Milestones

Most small business owners have a fuzzy idea of how their business will look and feel 5 years from now, but we need to be specific and create tangible milestones or phases as a part of your plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

1-2 Year Milestones

Short-term goal planning needs to be rigorously detailed and accurate to ensure resources and infrastructure are timed properly to ensure future growth.

Financial Projections - Short Term

We've got an Excel geek with 25 years of accounting and financial analysis experience… Turn your ideas and vision into tangible numbers and watch your plan come to life!

Financial Projections - Long Term

Leverage the experience of a seasoned financial controller to dial in all of the what-ifs and phases for your Vision.

Org Structure - Initial Advisory

Sole proprietor? LLC? S-Corp? C-Corp? We'll sort out where you're at now and direct you on how to become compliant and protected, as it fits with the scale of your business.

Org Structure - Next Phase Advisory

Many small businesses start at Sole Proprietor or LLC but with anticipated growth, it's important to understand when key triggers may mean it's time for a different org structure.

Registration/Compliance Direction

Need some help getting your business registered? We don't charge extra for helping you walk through the various states' sites and determining what is needed and when.

Annual Strategic Plan: Objectives & Qtrly Targets

Stop. Hold it right here. You don't have an annual plan? If you don't have your key objectives for the year and 3-4 quarterly targets/milestones planned, how the heck are you going to grow?

Accounting - Interim Solution

A lot of new businesses don’t even have a bookkeeping system in place yet. We can help you create some interim solutions to get you by until the business is financially able to afford to get a longer term system or vendor in place.

Accounting - Next Phase

We can advise you on what you need and when, and what level of support based on your individual skills, strengths, stage, and cash position makes sense. If you're a DIYer, we can help train you on any gaps about accounting, or when you're ready to hand things off, we have a few trusted, vetted bookkeeping and accounting vendors we can introduce you to.

Operations - Initial Stage Planning

We identify and advise on what systems or processes need to be in place now for you execute on your Vision.

Operations - Next Phase Planning

We identify and advise on what systems or processes and tools will be needed at next phases of the business. Often this is simply high level direction, but with larger engagements or add ons could include implementation and training.

Payroll - Overview eCourse

Thinking of hiring for the first time (US Based)? It's complicated. As the business owner it is ultimately your responsibility to be compliant. We have an eCourse that introduces you to all of the preliminary basics.

Payroll - Planning Phase

We will identify when hiring will be needed at the various phases of your business and document those in your Profit LaunchPlan™ and educate you on your options.

Payroll - Setup, Registration, Compliance

It's important to set up payroll correctly the first time. Many businesses misunderstand filing requirements, wage & hour laws, and best practices. We have a variety of vetted, trusted vendors we can connect you with when you're ready.

Payroll Benefits - Overview Planning

Benefits are a valuable component of compensation for employees, and source of stress and confusion for small business owners. We can discuss options and create a plan for offering benefits when it's the right time.

Payroll Benefits - Setup & Administration

Some benefits are required by law; some are highly recommended as a component of fostering an engaged, motivated, valued workforce. We have a variety of vetted, trusted vendors we can connect you with when you're ready.

Human Resources - Initial Phase Policies & Best Practices

Your people are your most valuable assets as a business. Ensuring your business is not only compliant, but fostering a healthy culture, will reap massive ROI. HR should not be an afterthought. We'll identify what aspects of HR are needed now vs future stages so you will be ready.

Human Resources - Talent Recruitment, Retention, Engagement

Getting the right people in the right seats is critical to business growth. Keeping them happy and engaged is next. We can help you develop job descriptions, attract and recruit the right people, develop fair and motivating performance management systems, and a Culture that fosters employee engagement and development.

Marketing - Problem Solved, Value Proposition, Result

We work with you to understand and develop your Value Proposition and the best messaging with alignment with your Purpose and Vision as a part of your Profit LaunchPlan™.

Marketing - Social Media Strategy

We use your Profit LaunchPlan™ as a starting point and identify most important channels and themes to develop a social media strategy that fits your business and budget for the various stages of your business.

Marketing - Social Media Management

We offer a variety of Social Media Management and Engagement packages to fit your budget. Not only are you able to put your time to better use ON your business, you will achieve ROI from our packages through engagement and visually impactful content.

Sales - Channels Identified Inititial

Have you identified how you will sell your product or service? Have you considered all options? We can brainstorm and develop your sales channels within your Profit LaunchPlan™

Sales - Channels Identified Next Phase

As we plan the next phases of your business, we will identify proper sales channels to leverage for your business growth.

Website - design and development

Our partner An Infinite Number of Monkeys will take care of everything with regards to your website, including professionally designing and building it, hosting, maintaining and supporting it for a monthly fee rather than a large upfront cost and yearly maintenance plan.

Asana Task Management Set-up

We love Asana. It's free and such a powerful, easy to use tool to manage your progress during our engagement. Many clients continue to use it after to run their business! We set it up and teach you how to use it.

Goal Setting Training

We have a super secret methodology for setting goals that is GOLD. No more guilt when goals aren't achieved. No more playing it safe with goals that are too small. We can't wait to share this with you! It's a game changer!

Pipeline Tracking - Initial

Most small businesses starting out having no real way of tracking or quantifying their sales opportunities. We will build you an interim spreadsheet to track your hopper.

Pipeline Tracking / CRM - Next Phase

We will identify when you will need a more robust solution for managing your sales opportunities and may be able to help you select a solution.

Projection/Budget-to-Actuals Review & Update

Ohhh yah. Spreadsheets can be sexy. Seeing how your business will play out and tracking actual results is fun! Projections are a waste of time unless you are comparing actual results and analyzing variances so you can change course as needed.

Recalibrate Goals & Projections - Next Phase

Things move fast in a growing business. It's important to recalibrate your goals and projections regularly, and any time a pivot is needed.

Quarterly Leadership Team Mtgs/KPIs/Planning

Meetings don't have to be long to be effective. We help clients develop customized agendas and meeting formats to ensure the big picture and fine details are covered and documented.

Coaching Sessions w/Tanja Bach

Tanja Bach was Susan Fessenden's own business coach while in Tokyo. She's a trilingual ICF certified coach and facilitator. Caring, funny, warm, and supportive, Tanja is also a corporate trainer and team building facilitator for organizations all over the world.

Advisor Sessions w/Susan

Yep. Susan, aka Suz aka your Profit Launch Commander™ is available for brainstorming, advice, strategic planning, accountability, support, and the occasional laugh. For larger, more established organizations, she is also available to help you run your company as a fractional Director of Operations so you can focus on growing your business within your strengths, while she herds the cats, and keeps everyone on the same page and on track.

Monthly Leadership Team Meetings

For fractional operations management engagements, we offer effective and efficient meeting leadership and training and management of coordinated efforts cross functionally.

We can help you start a business from scratch, grow an existing business that might be stuck, and even offer fractional executive leadership and strategy for more established small businesses to get them to the next level! (Oh, and don't forget... we have a full Creative Team to help with Branding, Social Media, Copywriting, and Digital Marketing too!)

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