The 5 Missing Pieces™

Want to start a business or grow a business but don’t know where to start?

Want to create a PLAN but OMG, that seems overwhelming?

Recognize some problems with your business but don’t know how to fix them?

Psst... You don't need a lengthy business plan. You need a Profit LaunchPlan™ and The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework!

Profit LaunchPlan™ vs. Traditional Business Plan

Traditional business plans are simply not ideal for today’s emerging startups and small businesses. 

Planning is important! But planning the right way will have a faster impact on your success! This is why we developed The Profit LaunchPlan™ which helps you focus on what’s important!

Most small start-ups and family businesses do not know where to start and the idea of putting together a plan is overwhelming.  The worst part is that most traditional plans usually sit on a shelf and collect dust after they are created!

The 5 Missing Pieces™ serve as a framework for building your Profit LaunchPlan™ – an easy business plan for busy business owners just starting out!



Who are we?

PHASE 1: Purpose, core values, competition, market, SWOT analysis, branding

PHASE 2: Leadership – morale, management styles, alignment & buy-in, messaging

PHASE 3: Employees – recruiting, hiring, retention, motivation


What do we do?

PHASE 1: Identifying & describing your product, niche, value proposition PHASE 2: Broadening or focusing your product line for core and adjacent markets PHASE 3: Innovation, disruption, quality assurance


Where are we going?

PHASE 1: Visioning, short & long-term goals

PHASE 2: 5-year detailed projections

PHASE 3: Leveraging vision in culture


How do we get there?

PHASE 1: Legal structures, preliminary accounting, compliance / workflow considerations

PHASE 2: Org charts & roles, market narrative, systems & processes needed

PHASE 3: HR, quality control, lean, safety


Are we on track?

PHASE 1: Task management tools, prelim metrics

PHASE 2: Quarterly & annual planning, projected to actual variance

PHASE 3: Budgets, performance management system, KPIs

The 5 Missing Pieces™

Any stage, any size, any industry: business growth, simplified!

How Does it Work?

We work with clients, meeting most weeks for 60-90 minutes, building your Profit LaunchPlan™ using the 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework together.

This way you can run your business AND start executing on the plan at a pace that works for you and your business.

Your advisor serves as your guide – an invested, caring member of your team – to supplement your business with skillsets and experience you may be lacking to help your business grow and thrive while building a strong foundation for the future!

When the plan for your phase is completed, you’re ready to execute on the plan on your own! And if you get stuck or need help with the next phase, we’ll be there with you again.



Whether you have time or money to go fast or slow, we have a package to accommodate your business.

We don’t bill hourly for a reason. All of our packages are flat fee so we can be a part of the family as fully available, “all-in” members of your team without nickel-and-diming.

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We offer social media management, landing pages & email nurture sequences, blog development, branding, and “Website-as-a-Service” to bring your Profit LaunchPlan™ to life and help you attract and reach your target market.

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Are you a DIYer or do you need executive training?

We offer downloadable eWorkbooks, eCourses, and Live Group Masterclasses. Ask us about team culture building facilitation.

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The 5 Missing Pieces™ is a framework that helps you unlock your company's full potential for sustainable growth.
Unlike other business consulting approaches, the 5 Missing Pieces™ is FLEXIBLE and SIMPLE.
Any business can use it, and at any stage of the business.

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