I'm sick and tired of being "Fix It Susie!"

October 25, 2021

I’m sick of it! But, you know what I’m sick and tired of?

Everyone keeps telling me to focus on the pain points I will solve for clients, as my key value proposition. The marketing coaches and experts all tell me to sell using these pain points as evidence of my value.

But why do you all need to feel the pain BEFORE you’re willing to get the help? 

Why do you want to put yourself in a losing position instead of doing this work together?

Why are you waiting?

You may not see the issues lurking ahead in your business, but I do! Let’s get out in front of them! Do you know why? Because “Fix it Susie” is WAY more expensive than proactive Suz.  There is more than just a cost involved with fixing stuff after it’s broken... There is an opportunity cost from the lost profits that you could’ve made. By waiting, you are throwing away precious profit and time!

You have the time to do this work (we do it together in just 90 minutes a few times per month)!  I'm a roll-up-her-sleeves and do the work WITH you Consultant and Advisor!

Do you know what else I’m sick and tired of?

I’m tired of being “Fix it Susie”!

I am proactive, foundation-building Suz.
I work with people who are willing to learn from other people’s mistakes and accept that they don’t know what they don’t know and are ready to let an expert help them build a strong foundation for fast, solid growth. 

10 Experiences of Being “Fix it Susie”

  1. Being the one who has to pull a company back from the brink of ruin.
  2. Being the one who has to research and go back in time and negotiate with authorities and get things into compliance before the company has to fold due to massive penalties and legal fees.
  3. Being the one who has to repair damaged relationships between employees and leadership because their Culture is so toxic that no one trusts each other and the business is close to failure.
  4. Being the one who has to tediously work within departments and their processes and systems to rework them all to make them work together more efficiently, so the dysfunction of the company doesn’t keep costing them so much, they have abysmal profits.
  5. Being the one who has to learn every piece of software and teach everyone else because there is no accountability or sense of ownership in the Culture or resources lacking to invest in employees to get the knowledge and tools needed to drive the company forward.
  6. Being the one who has to create first-time employee manuals, policies, and benefits packages when they’ve had employees for 5+ years! 
  7. Being the one who has to clean up years of accounting because the reporting is shit and leaders and owners have no idea where they are with sales or profit or cash flow. (OMG!)
  8. Being the one who has to pull everyone together to create a Vision and Strategic Plan that everyone can get aligned on and execute upon because no one else is willing or able.
  9. Being the one who has to be courageous to confront issues in the company with biz owners or CEO’s and put my job or gig on the line to shake things up and repair what is broken.
  10. Being the one to hold others accountable when they are not being stewards of the Core Values or the only one who will admit fault when I make a mistake. (And yes, I have had to do this a lot.)

You can afford to do this work.

You can’t afford to NOT do this work (my services pay for themselves typically and result in ROI within 4-8 months)!

The rest of you… once things catch fire or break down or fail… let’s just hope you find the right person who is experienced and trustworthy to help you dig out and fix it. Because guess what? 

I’ve also been the “Fix it Susie after the let’s-hope-Marj-can-fix-it-after-the-maybe-THIS-consultant-Bob-can-fix-it-so-now-we-are-almost-out-of-options-and-cash to afford Fix it Susie.”

And let me tell you… It’s rough and very expensive at this point to dig out of THAT MESS.

Stop it. Stop the madness before it starts. Let’s work together... Because it just doesn’t need to be this hard, and you don’t need to suffer through the pain points that are ahead for you otherwise.

I don’t want to solve your pain points that were wholly avoidable. I’m sick of that.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned over 25 years of being out there in dozens of businesses in the thick of it trying to fix these problems after they’ve been ignored.  Let's be proactive.

Let’s get to work.

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As a person who grew up in a struggling family business and later put myself through college, I see business ownership as the ultimate socio-economic equalizer. Anyone can start a business, and if run properly, it can elevate everyone involved. This leads to stability, a higher standard of living, stimulating local economies, and contributing to stronger communities. I have put my 25 years of hands-on business management, turn-around, and growth experience into one toolbox that can help every business regardless of size, stage, or industry… The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework. At my core, I am a scrappy dreamer, a fierce ally, and a creative problem solver.

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