5 Ways a Social Media Strategy Will Elevate Your Brand

November 06, 2020
Orana Velarde

1. A Cohesive Social Media Strategy Will Elevate Your Brand With A Strong Online Presence

The number 1 reason to invest in a social media strategy for your small business, is to elevate your brand.

Purpose-driven brand elevation is all about taking your small business to the next level and sharing it with the world, particularly your target audience. When you share relevant content on social media, your brand starts to spread its influence in the online space. Making it easier for potential customers to find you.

To Elevate your brand, you need a strong online presence, and social media can help you do that in a big way. The posts you share on social channels carry the message of your value proposition, brand values and company culture. There's no better outlet to make your brand shine.

Even if your clientele is potentially only in your geographical area, they will want to find out about your business online. If your customers are all over the country or all over the world, then that’s an even more important reason to have an online presence.

With a cohesive social media presence curated for you by ProfitLogics, your brand messaging is organized into themes and topics. All the shared content fits into these categories, specially created to elevate your brand and get you more leads.

elevate your brand with a social media strategy

2. A Directed Social Media Strategy Helps Define Your Target Audience

Social media helps you both find and communicate with your target audience. The trick is to know on what platform they spend most of their time. In order to do that we have to do conduct some market research. There's no better way to do it than on social media.

Each social channel already has a demographic base related to it. Plenty of digital marketers have done the research. Tap into that knowledge to find out where you should be concentrating your efforts.

For example, is your ideal client spending their time in Facebook groups or on Pinterest? Or maybe they are active on Twitter, having conversations with other people that share the same interests. The only way to know where your target audience is is to try and reach them in the spaces they hang out in.

If you aren't sure where your target audience is, we can help you find them. Most often than not, every small business needs a combination of social channels to work with. A Facebook Page is almost as important as a website, but you might not need to use Pinterest. It all depends on what you offer and who needs what you sell.

3. A Personable Social Media Strategy Improves Customer Relations

You’d be surprised at just how many people send a Twitter DM before getting in touch with the support email of a company.

Being active on social media helps with customer relations in a number of ways. If a customer or follower needs to get in touch with you, the first thing they'll do is input the name of your company on Google Search. If you have a Facebook Page or Twitter account, it will show up. Your website will also show you but you can be sure that most will click on your social profiles first.

There are deeper connections between social media and your website when it comes to customer relations. For example:

  • Your Facebook messenger can be connected to your website for on-site chat support.
  • An SEO plugin like Rank Math can help optimize your content for sharing on social media
  • A sharing plugin invites readers to share your content on their own social channels

Being reachable on social media is paramount to improve your clientele's satisfaction. That said when you receive a message on Facebook messenger or Twitter, or Linkedin, make sure to answer it ASAP!

4. An Engaged Social Media Strategy Creates Connections, Partnerships, and Collaborations

Being active on social media is not only about reaching your target audience. It’s also about creating connections with other businesses in your area, industry, or niche. By taking part in Facebook and Linkedin groups you meet people doing the same work you are, and eventually, they might need your help or you might need theirs.

In some cases, your clients might need something that you know another business owner can do, one that you met through social media. When you recommend your peers, they will also recommend you.

Social Media is also the place where you can go LIVE. By yourself, with other business owners or even with clients. When you go live, you are putting yourself out there for people to engage with you in a natural and easy way. It's the closest thing to a one-on-one conversation.

5 ways a social media strategy will elevate your brand - small business owner standing in front of counter

5. A Targeted Social Media Strategy Brings Traffic Back to Your Website.

Last but not least, social media is a great source of potential traffic to your website.

Every single time you post on your social channels is an opportunity to bring traffic to your blog posts, landing pages, product pages or category pages. When you follow the themes and messaging of your social media strategy, you can post about anything that has to do with your site and direct people there.

Check your analytics to see where on social media the traffic is coming from. This way you'll know where to direct your efforts and what type of posts your audience is reacting best to.

ProfitLogics Will Elevate Your Brand With A Personalized Social Media Strategy

Before ProfitLogics had a social media strategy, the posts were a bit of a shot in the dark. The branding was clear because we had done all the work with The 5 Missing Pieces™. We had a simple theme strategy and posting calendar but there was something missing.

Susan was creating the posts on Canva and was having trouble making them look right. She's a business maven, not a designer after all! And somewhere along the way she met me, Orana. We met through a completely unrelated issue; I asked on a FB group about Tokyo if tattoos were a big hassle or not. That's when we first connected.

I saw her build ProfitLogics from Tokyo while I was in Sri Lanka and then while I was in Thailand it kept on growing. Then when I was in Turkey we started working together. Eventually, I took over her social media and now we're partners!

That means that now, ProfitLogics not only offers the best business planning strategies with The 5 Missing Pieces™ we also offer social media and design packages. The discovery we do while working with The 5 Missing Pieces™ is invaluable for a social media strategy. Both work together in a way that will only make your business grow.

We also offer social media strategies if you already have your own branding or business plan though 😉

Click on the image below to find out how you can get started! Or get in touch with us to find out exactly what you need!

social media strategy for small businesses

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