Business Owner Booster | Profit LaunchPlan™

Business Owner Booster | Profit LaunchPlan™

$937.00 / month and a $1,249.00 sign-up fee

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Just the right mix of advising, coaching, and consulting you need for faster business growth!

We work with clients for 4-12 months, meeting most weeks for 60-90 minutes, building your Profit LaunchPlan™ using the 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework together.

This way you can run your business AND start executing on the plan at a pace that works for you and your business.

Your advisor serves as your guide - an invested, caring member of your team – to supplement your business with skillsets and experience you may be lacking to help your business grow and thrive while building a strong foundation for the future!

When the plan for your phase is completed, you're ready to execute on the plan on your own! And if you get stuck or need help with the next phase, we’ll be there with you again.

We’ll propel your business forward using The 5 Missing Pieces™ to create your Profit LaunchPlan™ that is dynamic and evolves your business grows.  Not only that, ProfitLogics advisory services are not just ADVISING or DIRECTING or COACHING... We're involved as a member of your team, hands-on working with you. That could mean getting your LLC set up for you, making phone calls on your behalf, helping you build a spreadsheet or do financial analysis, helping you lead meetings with your team... whatever you need as we work together!

Grow a business the right way with ProfitLogics in your corner

What you get:

  • Access to a Financial Controller/Accounting, VP of Operations, HR Director, Culture Expert, Business Planner, Advisor & Coach for a sliver of what it would cost to hire individually!
  • Weekly virtual Advisory Services in previously scheduled sessions.  Most weeks will be 60-90 minutes
  • Messaging & Email Correspondence as needed & occasional Emergency calls with no extra charges
  • Up to 15 Hours per Month Allocated to your Business. Advisory Services /Training/Consulting/Research/System Implementation/Process Design/Analysis/Business Planning and/or Creation

Save BIG on a 4 or 6-month guided work engagement! This flat rate means you won’t be “nickeled and dimed” with hourly billing so you can have an experienced advisor available as a trusted member of your team.

Subscription services require 30-days notice for cancellation to allow for proper transition.

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