Corporate Branding Design Package

Corporate Branding Design Package


This package is provided by our partner An Infinite Number of Monkeys (they developed the ProfitLogics brand). See their website for a portfolio of past work.

We'll work very closely with you in order to "get in your head" and fully understand your company and your goals. We don't quit until we've got it right and you're absolutely delighted. Here's a rough outline of the process:

  • We’ll provide you a questionnaire that helps establish a basic framework for the project, uncovering some basic objectives, what you like, what you don't like, and points us in the right direction.
  • We'll then have an online video consultation where we'll use the information you've provided (including the questionnaire) and dig deeper into what would make the ideal brand.
  • We'll then work on developing 3-5 foundation designs, which we'll present to you (typically in 5-7 days). We'll ask you to digest them for a couple days. You may say you love them all, or that you don't like any of them—both are perfectly fine responses. Usually you'll like some elements from some or all of them but don't consider any are final.
  • We'll take your feedback, and have additional video consultations as needed, and keep iterating with additional rounds of design proposals. We'll do this until we've nailed it and you have "the one" that you love. There's no limit to many iterations we'll do. We've done as few as 3 rounds, and as many as 12. We don't stop until you're delighted.
  • The final brand work deliverables include:
    • Logo in raster and vector formats so you have what you need for all mediums (web, email signature, social media, printed document, large poster, etc.). Each logo will include full colour, greyscale, monochrome and reverse variants, each with and without transparent background.
    • A tagline—that all-important distillation of your identity and value to your customer in text, and logo file variations with the tagline integrated.
    • A branding style guide document (here's an example), which is invaluable as a guide to using your brand consistently for good brand reinforcement—not just you, but future employees, partners, suppliers, etc.
    • Instructions on where to get and how to use the fonts chosen to complement your brand. If the fonts used are free, we'll give you the font files that you can install on your computers.
    • A social media kit with various graphics sized appropriately for popular social media sites.
    • An email signature for use in common email software like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Gmail.
    • Print-ready artwork for business cards.
    • A live design of a website home page (above-the-fold content only) fully utilizing the new brand. You can use this as inspiration, or use it to actually develop a new website.
    • Digital letterhead template in your choice of software (Word, Pages, etc.)
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