Hiring? Payroll? Compliance? Ohhh Crap! All the Basics eCourse

Hiring? Payroll? Compliance? Ohhh Crap! All the Basics eCourse


Are you looking for actionable knowledge about how to hire employees for the first time?

This online training covers all of the basics of hiring for the first time.

In this ProfitLogics online biz training, we cover:

  • Federal and state agency set up and compliance
  • Hiring basics from recruiting to onboarding
  • Benefits and wage & hour guidance
  • Personalized help deciding whether to do payroll in-house or to outsource it.

Growing a small business is all about growing your team and creating a company culture. Hiring the right employees is paramount to achieving unparalleled growth and impact. When you take the ProfitLogics Hiring for the First Time online training, you are setting yourself up for success.

When hiring for the first time, not only will your small business thrive with your new team, so will the families of your employees and the communities they live in.

This online training is for:

  • Entrepreneurs wanting information about hiring for the first time
  • Small business owners that want to hire employees for the first time in a legit and compliant way
  • Business owners that want to grow their team in a way that will impact their community in a positive way
  • ProfitLogics clients that have finished The 5 Business Questions™ framework
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