Purpose Beyond Profit™, Leverage your big WHY? Hard Copy Workbook

Purpose Beyond Profit™, Leverage your big WHY? Hard Copy Workbook


Dreaming of having a fanatical, loyal customer base and energized, passionate employees and partners?  Your WHY is what sets you apart...

Discover your PURPOSE (your big WHY) with the 19 page guide with exercises on how to develop, implement, and roll out your business' Purpose Statement (It's like a mission Statement on STEROIDS!)

Most business identity issues stem from not having a strong culture. A key component of a strong culture is having a clear, meaningful, unifying purpose accompanied by Core Values that are represented in all aspects of the business. You may be thinking, "our business already has a purpose...to make money". Yes, that is true. One purpose for any business is to make money; preferably a lot of money with strong cash flow to support further growth and innovation. However, the global business mindset is evolving to include a bigger picture of impact of business not just on the economy, but on the environment, in our communities, and to our world. Can your business win and generate profit and grow without a larger purpose in view? Of course it can. But it can grow faster, stronger, and have a larger impact on the world with strong a sense of identity, which comes from adopting a higher purpose, meaningful core values, and thriving culture!

BOOST your discovery process by adding on a 3 hour advisory package - Let's discover your WHY together!

Cornerstone of The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework are 5 Business you should be asking in your business to ensure fast growth and strong foundation. The first question: “Who Are We?” was developed to help address an identity crisis in established businesses, as well as help new businesses and startups prevent it from happening.

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