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Susan is an exceptional leader; she is actively engaged in the wellbeing of staff and completely committed to the success of any organization she is a part of. I have had the privilege of working with Susan on multiple occasions, and each and every experience I learn something from her. She has so much to offer as a professional. Susan is incredibly resourceful and someone I’d want on my team whenever facing any obstacles or challenges.
Susan is inspirational. She is a dedicated, dynamic, energetic, and passionate professional who cares tremendously about the successes of others. She is intelligent, articulate, respectful and polite, making her an easy person to know and like. Most importantly, Susan is driven to succeed in whatever she does. I recommend Susan to you as a person who will add value to any academic or professional setting.
Tenacious, pragmatic and warm all come to mind regarding Susan. She knows her business, revels at finding solutions and is a great proponent of helping “teach a man to fish.” She clearly enjoys her work and in working through a challenge. I know Susan would be a welcomed asset to any team.
Susan was hired as a VP of Operations and conducted herself with a high level of professionalism and expert knowledge of maintaining the various business operations. During a sale of the organization, Susan continued on as the key business and operations consultant managing the entirely of the sale and transition process. Would recommend Susan for a variety of industries, her broad experience serves her well.
Susan brought organization and direction to Changing Steps. She has a positive attitude that makes others in the company want to work with her and get things done efficiently. She helped create long term as well as short term goals for our non-profit. She taught me how to delegate responsibilities to different volunteers. She is passionate about what she does and I appreciated that working with her.
Bobby Joe

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