Social Media Elevated Plan 2

$2,250.00 / month and a $1,000.00 sign-up fee

The Social Media Elevated Plan 2 will elevate your brand with reporting analytics and engagement

The ProfitLogics team will help elevate your brand with a personalized small business social media strategy. We take your value proposition and create branded visuals, written copy and campaigns. Our team takes care of the Setup and Management of your social channels.

We’ll help take your brand to the next level and free up some of your time so you can work on your business instead of worrying about social media.

This plan includes weekly engagement with your followers, this is geared for growth and directed at your ideal client.

This is How The Social Media Elevated Plan works with your brand

We’ll start by developing an overall Social Media Strategy starting with any of these two scenarios.

  1. Along with the valuable work you’re doing on The 5 Business Question™
  2. With your existing business plan or branding strategy

This is what you get with the Social Media Elevated Plan 2


  • Setup & Management of 1-4 Social Channels
  • A theme and hashtag strategy according to your business values
  • A planned posting schedule with strategic social media marketing
  • Initial setup & organization of social media scheduling tools (Meet Edgar, Buffer)
  • Design for your Headers and help with profile description copy.


  • 1 scheduled posts per day per channel
  • Content review/revision/approval processes weekly
  • Graphic design of 45 pieces of original content
  • Inclusion of client-provided content
  • Inclusion of curated content i.e. articles, quotes, other
  • 1 monthly blog post copy review, graphic design for images, & formatting
  • weekly engagement on all channels
  • monthly analytics reporting

In the first month, as we’re ramping up, we’ll be accessible to meet with you, incorporate feedback and tweaks until we get it just right!

We will revisit the social media plan quarterly so we can be nimble and then incorporate changes in a timely manner. Engagement and analytics are ever-evolving and it’s important to understand that results are not instant and that things take a bit of time.

Your small business social media strategy deserves personalized analytics reporting and engagement

This is not a VA (Virtual Assistant) service. This is a professional design firm partnership where the designers and social media managers care to learn about your business, your business purpose, your target market and desired narrative and goals and work with you to achieve them!

(If you don’t have a branding strategy or a business plan, we suggest you get started on those! We can help. If you don’t take care of these important foundational business strategies, all your social media efforts will be shortlived and shortwinded. Schedule a FREE strategy call with us to see how we can get you set up for success!)

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