Social Media Rocket Plan 3

Set up & Management 4-8 Social Channels!

We start by taking your work on the 5 Business Questions™ and working with you to develop an overall Social Media Messaging Strategy with #hashtag recommendations and narrative direction. We then build a plan and posting schedule based on the themes and content strategized. In the first month as we are ramping up we’ll be accessible to meet with you, incorporate feedback and tweaks until we get it just right!  We will revisit the SM Plan quarterly so we can be nimble and incorporate changes timely!  This is not a VA (Virtual Assistant) service… This is a professional design firm partnership where the designers care to learn about your business, your business purpose, your target market and desired narrative and goals and work with you to achieve them!

What all is included?

Don’t have all of your Social Media Profiles set up yet? That’s ok! We will design your profile image (Header Graphic) and even help with profile description copy.

Initial setup & organization of SM Post scheduling tools (Meet Edgar, Buffer)

Graphic design & copy for posts

Content review/revision/approval processes weekly

Option 1 Includes:

1 post per day per channel

35 pieces of original visual content

Inclusion of client provided content

Inclusion of curated content i.e. articles, quotes, other

1 monthly blog post copy review, graphic design for images, & formatting


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$900.00 / month and a $650.00 sign-up fee

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