Whole Company Profit & Culture Revamp | Small Biz 3-25 Team Members

Strong company culture is the catalyst for your small business to grow

This is an 8-week advisory & training program that is conducted with all the members of your team. We’ll go through The 5 Missing Pieces™ and work together to involve them in your vision, purpose and goals.

This program is customized for each business to achieve their specific goals:

  • Small businesses with  3 to 25 team members
  • Small business owners that have hired employees but would like to build and leverage a strong culture with high employee engagement
  • Remote teams that need to work together to reach the same goals

Get everyone on the same page with a shared Vision

Click on the button & book a consultation to discuss your needs and to build custom training using the 5 Missing Pieces™ framework to get your business rocking! 

Illustration by Freepik Stories


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