Skyrocket Business 101 Course

For Start-ups & New Businesses
(From Concept through 1st Year in Operation)

Live Daily Seminar Dec 14th-18th

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Not sure where you're going?

Unclear how to get there?

Go from swirl into clarity and action with the
Skyrocket Business Course!

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 2 Facebook Group Workshop 

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 21-Hour Advisory Session Included!

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 2 Easy Business Plan Template

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 2 Bonus Tutorials

Skyrocket Business 101 Course LIVE is for you if:

  • You have an idea for a business but are not sure where to start.
  • You are getting conflicting advice and you’re second-guessing yourself.
  • You want to start a living business plan that you will continue to develop with your business as it grows.
  • You started a business already but feel stuck about what to do and when to do it.
  • You want to build a strong foundation so your business can grow sustainably.
  • You have a swirl going on and want more clarity and confidence to build the business of your dreams.
Skyrocket Business 101 Course 9

What is the Skyrocket Business 101 Course?

In the Skyrocket Business 101 Course, I’ll take you on a tour of the The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework and guide you through building a living mini business plan.

You’ll receive a full hour complementary advisory session to ensure you get the most out of your course!

We’ll work together as a group each day for one week and help you dive in to designing the business of your dreams!

After the course you’re encouraged to continue the work in the document so you can build your easy, living business plan as you grow your business.

0 Days
0 Hours
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What's included in the Course?

A Living Business Plan

You will receive your own editable 5 Missing Pieces™ easy business plan document that we will work on each day of the workshop.

Helpful Resources

You will receive a 1-Hour Advisory session ($175 Value) plus supplemental materials and trainings on Annual Planning and Competition Review!

A Community

You will receive daily interaction in a special FB Group for course participants to post questions, homework, and make new business owner friends!

Resources Included!

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 2 5 Missing Pieces™ Easy, Living Business Plan Template

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 2 Purpose Beyond Profit™ eWorkbook

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 15 Competition Matrix Excel Worksheet

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 2 Annual Planning Tool

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 15 Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs Bonus Learning

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 21-Hour Advisory Session with business management veteran
0 Days
0 Hours
0 Minutes
0 Seconds

Skyrocket Business 101 Course Format:
We'll have 5 Sessions - One Session for each of
The 5 Missing Pieces™

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 22

Session 1 - Identity

On day 1 we’ll work on your Mission, Purpose Beyond Profit™ and start a SWOT Analysis. You’ll be given access to your easy, living mini business plan template as well as our Purpose eWorkbook!

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 23

Session 2 - Offering

On day 2 we’ll identify and refine your Offering. The ultimate task on this day is to create your value proposition and ensure your offerings are aligned with your Purpose and clear to customers and team!

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 24

Session 3 - Vision

On day 3 we’ll get started on your Vision from End Game to short-term. We’ll also do a bonus learning on how to best structure your goals so you can then create an action plan that makes sense!  

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 25

Session 4 - Execution

On day 4 we will dive in the Execution of your Vision, the How Do We Get There!  From Organizational structures needed to a simple Annual Planning Tool, you’ll be able to create the beginning foundation of your business plan.

Skyrocket Business 101 Course 26

Session 5 - Accountability

On day 5 we’ll build  Accountability into your business using free, easy tools that will work regardless of stage, size, or industry.

What are people saying about ProfitLogics?

Susan is fantastic. Her considerable expertise and one-on-one work has helped by business find its focus and unique voice. She's also been critical in helping up pivot our business response during the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm looking forward to continuing our business relationship. Working with Susan and ProfitLogics is the best investment I've made in my business.
Skyrocket Business 101 Course 27
Dodie Arnold
CEO of Intended Impact & Founder of Arnold CR
I’m grateful that I had the chance to work with Susan. She is honest, challenging in her questions and encouraging. She was quick to pick up on some small but important wordings so that I can define my business even better. Along the way, it was always clear that she cares about how I feel about it all and that I find my unique voice. Thank you so much Susan!
Skyrocket Business 101 Course 28
Ann-Katrin Van Schie July 15
Founder of Finding Ease

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