Have a new business and experiencing the new biz "swirl"?

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Do You Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

If so, here are two ways

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What is the Skyrocket Business 101 Course?

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In the Skyrocket Business 101 Course, I’ll take you on a tour of the The 5 Missing Pieces™ Framework and guide you through building the Profit LaunchPlan™.

You’ll receive a full hour complementary advisory session to ensure you get the most out of your course!

We’ll work together as a group each day for one week and help you dive in to designing the business of your dreams!

After the course you’re encouraged to continue the work in the document so you can build your easy, living business plan as you grow your business.

What's Included?

A Profit LaunchPlan™ Template

You will receive your own editable 5 Missing Pieces™ document that we will work on each day of the workshop.

1-Hour One-on-One Strategy Session

You will receive a 1-Hour Advisory session ($175 Value) plus supplemental materials and trainings on Annual Planning and Competition Review!

A Supportive Community of Fellow Business Owners

You will receive daily interaction in a special FB Group for course participants to post questions, homework, and make new business owner friends!

Who Is It For?

Skyrocket Business 101 Course is for you if:

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What to Expect With the Skyrocket Business 101 Course

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The course is led by me—Suz (read more about me). We’ll have 5 sessions over the course of 5 days, one for each of The 5 Missing Pieces™.

Session 1 - Identity
On day 1 we’ll work on your mission, Purpose Beyond Profit™ and start a SWOT analysis. You’ll be given access to your easy, living mini business plan template as well as our Purpose eWorkbook!
Session 2 - Offering
On day 2 we’ll identify and refine your offering. The ultimate task on this day is to create your value proposition and ensure your offerings are aligned with your purpose and clear to customers and team!
Session 3 - Vision
On day 3 we’ll get started on your vision from end game to short-term. We’ll also do a bonus learning on how to best structure your goals so you can then create an action plan that makes sense!
Session 4 - Execution
On day 4 we will dive in the execution of your vision, the "How Do We Get There!" From organizational structures needed to a simple annual planning tool, you’ll be able to create the beginning foundation of your business plan.
Session 5 - Accountability
On day 5 we’ll build accountability into your business using free, easy tools that will work regardless of stage, size, or industry.

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